By Watchdog reporter

Betty Nambooze is a woman of immense courage that she will continue to pursue her duties amidst all troubles.

Since she returned from South Africa for treatment some months ago, she has been absorbed in either sensitizing people about her proposed Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill, or in efforts to rescue Kizza Besigye from state persecution. But she had not recovered completely.

However the Mukono Municipality MP’s passion for social justice is putting a huge toll on her health, and someone has to convince her to slow down a bit to take care of her health.

While in South Africa, doctors managed to control her internal organs from producing acidic content which minimised her sugar levels, but then she had an uncomfortable jaw problem which has been troubling her, yet she continued with her work as if nothing was the matter.

But on Friday, the jaw pains increased forcing her to seek a doctor who diagnosed her with Mastoiditis.

Mastoiditis is a serious bacterial infection that affects the mastoid bone behind the ear.

The MP unfortunately cannot get a specialist to manage this illness here. She can only get a nearest one in London. And she must do it, as soon as possible.

Let’s pray for Nambooze. Let’s pray her case doesn’t turn out to be like former MP Hussein Kyanjo. Get well soonest honorable.