By Watchdog reporter

Watchdog reported on Friday that doctors of Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze had once again asked her to seek specialist medication after she developed an infection on her lower jaw.

This morning, Watchdog understands the MP flew out of the country, but we are yet to establish her destination.

Nambooze posted yesterday on her Facebook page assuring her followers that she would be okay, after Watchdog reported news of her illness.

Nambooze admitted to her followers that she had not recovered fully since she returned from South Africa for treatment some months ago.
However, the fighter in Nambooze took up more assignments, sensitizing people about her proposed Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill, and defending Kizza Besigye from state persecution.

But on Friday, the jaw pains increased forcing her to seek a doctor who diagnosed her with Mastoiditis.

Mastoiditis is a serious bacterial infection that affects the mastoid bone behind the ear.