By our reporter

Princess of Buganda Katrina Ssangalyambogo’s failure to speak proper Luganda while appearing on some local TV station on Friday sparked fury among some social media users.

Some wondered that how could a whole Buganda princess from the royal family be unable to use the native language.

“It’s amazing how Omumbejja Katrina Sangalyambogo, born to the Kabaka and Nabagereka of Buganda can’t speak proper Luganda. I always here the Katikiro of Buganda telling people to teach their kids their native languages, what went wrong ?” Ritah Kaggwa, a social media blogger wondered.

However, Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze has a different perception towards the princess in fact she is proud of her.

According to the legislator, as a child, Ssangalyambogo shouldn’t be criticized rather she should be protected and encouraged.

She wrote on Facebook page;


Yesterday I saw the young Princess Katrina on TV to be exact NBS giving an interview in luganda at 7:00 oclock news and then in English at 9:00 oclock news… me it was like Waawu…. Ssangalyambogo has grown into a confident sports lady to the extent that she gives interviews to National TVs with such eloquence and indeepth knowledge.

This morning,I opened facebook to see people led by one going by the names of Rita KAGGWA attacking our young Princess, I hear for not speaking in luganda! Banaffe,tetumanyi kyemwagala Keyboard Buganda haters ate nemweyita amaanya ga Baganda, today you abuse Nambooze for being fluent in luganda with an insunation that she doesn’t know English therefore she is stupid, tomorrow you attack a sixteen year old girl who is growing up in a conflicted cultural environment and going to international schools for not knowing enough Luganda.

Though a Princess Sangalyabona, like your children and mine, is a child who needs protection and encouragement, kindly leave her out of your hate campaign against the Kingdom. We Love our Princess and by all standards she is growing into a Princess who will bring honour and Pride to Buganda and for this I thank Maama Nabagereka.