By Mubiru Ivan

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze has lashed out at critics attacking Kampala Archbishop Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga over his proposal to deduct tithe from salaries of Christians.

While preaching on Sunday at Lubaga Cathedral, the Archbishop told the congregation that since many Christians no longer declare the 10 per cent meant for tithe, government should help the church to directly deduct it from people’s monthly salaries.

He said the vice of not giving tithe is emptying the church coffers.

According to Nambooze, the Archbishop’s efficient proposal for those who believe in tithing was sensionalized by the dishonest media to make it appear as if the Church wants to introduce a compulsory tithe tax of 10 per cent on salaries for all Ugandans.

The cynical Ugandans some arguing basing on lack of knowledge are already up in arms against the Archbishop and I am baffled….What the Archbishop said was deliberately falsified and it’s being discussed out of context!” fumed Nambooze in a Facebook post

“First of all the Archbishop was addressing himself to only Catholics who believe in the biblical teachings as provided for in Malachi chapter 3: 6~12. If you don’t believe, why bother yourself? Two the Archbishop was talking to a congregation of Kampala Archdeaconry on a special day and it was prudent to remind them that Church needs money to run that institution,” she added.

The legislator added that Dr. Lwanga does not own the Catholic Church; he lives a life of celibacy and what he proposes now is meant to ensure that all the church offertories return to the faithful through maintain their places of worship, looking after their priests and Church staff as well as other church institutions.

She further revealed that she already pays her tithe to her local church directly from her monthly salary for the entire period of five year term in office.

“In the modern world of E-currency, Church offertory baskets are going to be untenable especially in Urban areas….people use credit cards or Mobile Money not cash….I saw it in a Church in UK when the stage of giving offertories was skipped during mass. I am not talking about something I haven’t done myself, the paying Officers in Parliament can bear me witness that I pay my offertories to my local church directly from my salary monthly for the entire period of the five year term,” said Nambooze.

“The issue of tithe is personal, Church won’t be raising roadblocks to apprehend defaulters, if you believe in tithing, a monthly deduction from one’s salary is more convenient.  However, those who tithe must learn how to calculate the tithe to make sure that it comes from earnings and not allowances for travel, lunch, If you don’t believe, don’t bother yourself don’t pay…And stop living a hypocritical life…don’t pretend to be a Catholic, live your faith that doesn’t tithe, simple. It’s not compulsory…It’s optional, even when you are a Catholic and don’t tithe no one will send out of the Church…our faith only provides that if you don’t tithe God will not reward you..The Archbishop did his part, he reminded you about the teachings of the Church and proposed what he thought was an easier way to tithe,” she added.