By Muhoozi Mourice

Kawempe south MP  Mubarak Munyagwa, commonly known as “Mugati gwa bata” on Saturday withdrew  from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) top job race in favour of former Kumi MP Patrick Amuriat.

Munyagwa, who had a lot of plans for the FDC, including forming an armed wing of the party considered his candidature hopeless and hapless leading to his unconditional withdrawal in favour of his counterpart, Amuriat.

He told journalists earlier that he saw it wise to withdraw after ascertaining the expertise of Amuriat in the political arena, which he hardly possesses.

His campaign manager Sulutan Nkobe also said that after seating down as a team, they concluded that Amuriat is more senior and therefore effected their withdrawal. They have however not yet officially written to the FDC, informing them about the withdrawal.

It is important to assert that since July,  Munyagwa has been appearing in press, uttering the tremendous reforms he wants to effect in the FDC. Through his remarks, he showed a lot of ambition and thirst in occupying the party’s top seat and one cannot believe his withdrawal.

When asked in September why he had not begun formal campaign, Munyagwa asserted that he was still financially crippled and therefore had no enough money to run the campaigns.

He was considered an orator and vocal, by many people and his tongue ran faster than his wit, whenever he could be given a chance to talk to the press about his bid for the party’s top job.

Many Ugandans however considered him to be so theoretical, than practical in his efforts to bring to an end the NRM regime.

His withdrawal is considered by many Baganda as a disappointment, since many of them had voiced their need to end the Bakiga-Banyankole occupation of the party’s top seat and had a lot of hopes in Munyagwa, as the next to occupy this seat.