Hooray and Sayonara,our brothers .
It’s No doubt both men have provided a service to this country in a manner that is rather supercaliflagialisticexpialidocious’. You have been the Ancephalon behind Ugandas safety but you have departed Sui Impositarum .

Against each other ,you have engaged as antagonists ,with com plots and tendencies Machinate,Subterfuge,artifice and Ruse with stratagem calculated to Pulverise,Zap and Skunk each other .

Accordingly you ,Pursuant to Covines ,strayed beyond your fences and left your seats vacant .
You have been finally Pooh Poohed for conduct ,Felo de se ,the very definition of Self immolation.

Both Government and Opposition are in a Non Plussed state ,Befuddled and plunged in a position quite Labyrinthine upon your departure .

We shall forever miss your brains .and accordingly so Apotheosize ,and Revere the Lord for your Next destination .