By Watchdog reporter

New Vision journalists have suffered. Every Tom and Dick is out to beat them over any stupid reasons.

Now it’s Kampala Central MP beating up Farouk Kasule, another journalist of the New Vision.

The assault took place on Tuesday at a Kampala court.


Kasule joined the long list of journalists in the largest Ugandan media company assaulted by politicians.

In the recent past, Kato Lubwama verbally assaulted journalist Seguya Josephat at New Vision head office. The other, a lady, was punched hard by a minister, Abraham Byandala. Yet, again Hassan Basajjabalaba, also slapped a New Vision journalist during an NRM delegates conference.

However, New Vision, despite its muscle, has not been seen to defend its journalists from such physical assaults. Instead, like it happened with Kato Lubwama, the media house has given space or airtime to those politicians to brag about their activities, like was the case with the Lubaga South MP after he attacked Bukedde’s Seguya. That same night he was hosted on Bukedde television to insult more other people!

The New Vision victimized journalists have also done a disservice to their reputation by accepting peanuts instead of dragging their tormentors to court and follow it through.

The attack on Kasule, is an attack on journalism, yet journalists make a fool of the profession when they take money in exchange for their humiliation.

We hope Kasule will be bold and let Nsereko know the serious of assaulting journalists.