By Watchdog reporter

Under fire Lubaga South MP Kato Lubwama on Tuesday stormed Bukedde TV and attacked a journalist who talked about his lack of academic papers while on air.

Kato Lubwama who is facing public ridicule for failing O-level miserably and missing A-level but stilll joined university, went on Bukedde tv which is owned by the Vision Group and sought out Josephat Seguya who has a segment on the television’s breakfast show.

Watchdog understands that Lubwama told the journalist that he was “stupid” and added that he too “never went to school like him”.

Seguya who attended part of his high school at Nyenga Seminary and his university at Makerere denied being like Kato Lubwama.

He said, “Kati ekireese Hon. Kato Lubwama mu ofiisi okunvuma nti ndi musiru, nange saasoma kinsobedde, si nze nawaaba omusango gwe, ku TV nayogedde byamuwaabiddwa. Let me post ma academic qualifications here tomoro 2 C if I got nothing from Nyenga seminary and MUK…

[Why has Hon Kato Lubwama come to my office to insult me that I am stupid, that I have never gone to school, I never took him to court over his paper, and I only said on air why he is being accused of].

Seguya promised to bring his academic transcripts and certificate on Wednesday and share them on social media to prove to Hon Lubwama that he went to school.

Watch this space!