By our reporter

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze, now undergoing spine treatment at India’s Manipal Spinal Centre, has distanced herself from people collecting money on her behalf claiming that she is stuck without money to pay her medical bills.

“I have seen reports indicating that I am stranded in an Indian hospital because I ran out of funds…it’s true I need money over and above what I had been required to spend and Parliament is yet to give me any funds in relation to my present situation but I won’t require a public fundraising to meet my medical bills,” the legislator said, adding that “The money we shall find, don’t fear…I am however very grateful for those who follow what am going through and had volunteered to contribute.”

Nambooze has to raise at least $10500 after doctors carried out another investigation on her and found she had another complicated ailment which needed immediate attention.

She was due to return to the theatre on Friday but this website has established the MP developed a fever which means she needs more time to recuperate before being taken through the exercise.

The legislator told this website, Watchdog Uganda, that she returned from the main hospital after she developed a fever and doctors are observing her progress.

“I have low blood pressure and Doctors have said I can’t undergo surgery in this form,” she told Watchdog Uganda, from her hospital room.

Medical bills woes

Save for the last trip to India, Nambooze has always had to fight to access government medical care abroad. For her trip to South Africa a couple of years back, Nambooze was told she was told she was not sick enough to deserve that service. This time round, some voices came just short of making similar statements.
However, her woes started in March 2018 when Parliament failed to fund her review procedure, according to the doctor’s instruction.

However, two months late, Parliament in May paid her travel and upkeep expenses for one person and $7500 for the hospital.

She was due to travel on June 17 when Police arrested her over Arua Mp Ibrahim Abiriga’s death, claiming she used her social media account to incite hatred against the fallen legislator.

It was during this detention that Nambooze’s health further worsened.

And when the government finally was satisfied she required specialist treatment, the hospital in India sent a new invoice basing on the referral letter from Mulago hospital.

However, her bill estimate had risen to $21000, and she would be required to stay for three weeks, travel with next of kin and a medic.

However, Parliament said the financial year had closed and they couldn’t spend.

We understand that Nambooze’s family toppled up the funds including for her husband, and a medic from Bugolobi Medical Centre, on top of meeting the hospital balance of $1,350 and their upkeep.

However, after another check up at the hospital, there was bad news for the tough woman from Mukono. She had to undergo another surgery on the knee, which involve transplanting cells to realign her left knee cartilage. She was billed $10500.

With her husband in hospital with her, the couple had no means of raising the additional money, but, the hospital wrote to Parliament and told them that the surgery is urgent.