By Watchdog reporter

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze on Friday revealed that she declined a request to receive President Yoweri Museveni to discuss about her position as far as the amendment of the constitution is concerned.

Posting in her social Media group known as Madam Teacher’s class, Nambooze said that on Friday evening she got a surprise call from State House and it was from a presidential aide who alerted her to wait for Museveni’s call.

According to the legislator, Museveni wanted her to tell him why she is opposing the amendment of the constitution.

However, Nambooze declined the request telling the caller that she was not ready for such calls and before hanging up the disappointed presidential aide told her that she was unreasonable to refuse the engagement since many of her opposition colleagues had already received the call with open hands.

This is what Nambooze posted;

SO OMUKULU DOESN’T GIVE UP : This evening I got a surprise call from State house… a presidential aide was alerting me to  wait for a call one of these days from a very important person… And Omukulu wants you to tell him why you oppose the amendment of the constitution.

I asked the caller if he knew the person he had called and he answered ; “we are calling Hon Nambooze of Mukono”.

Well,I was taught that if you don’t want to trade with Satan,you should never visit his market even for window shopping….I therefore politely told the caller that am not available for such calls…He should look for one of his MPs in Kampala central,Gomba,Entebbe or Ntungamo….am not his MP and why I oppose the amendment… I have stated my reasons publicly more than once and I will repeat the same the day Parliament will convene to debate the bill.

The disappointed caller hanged up but only after he had told me how I was being unreasonable to refuse that engagement since many of my colleagues in the opposition had received the call with open hands…. Am coming out in the public about this so that the person who called me gets to know that,I won’t be available for any secret talks….am a property of the people of Mukono Municipality.