By Watchdog reporter

There have been ongoing rumours on social media that Kitgum Woman MP Beatrice Anywar has died at Case Clinic Kampala after undergoing unsuccessful brain surgery.

Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) Deputy Secretary General Harold Kaija has come out to dispute the rumour saying that Anywar is not dead as earlier alleged.

“Last night my phone was busy with calls and text messages from people asking if Hon. Beatrice Atim Anywar was dead.For the second time, Someone for reason we don’t know, has announced that Mama Mabira is DEAD!!!This is WRONG.

We are aware everyone want to have a trending story. But we must avoid playing with people’s emotions.

Its no where in our culture where its acceptable to announce the death of living people. Its a Taboo.

This person needs cleansing.

One can have a huge following by posting serious issues.

I advise that don’t take seriously News from sources you don’t trust.”

Early this year, Anywar was involved in a deadly car accident in Lamwo and she sustained serious injuries which are being treated up to now.

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