By Watchdog reporter

Youthful Makindye West MP Allan Ssewanyana wants parliament to address the closure of Nakivubo stadium.

Nakivubo stadium was yesterday closed off by Uganda Revenue Authority over tax arrears amounting to Sh448 million. The tax body says the management of the stadium were given two years to settle the arrears but failed.

However Ssewanyana, the shadow Sports minister, says the money to pay URA is available but accuses the management of the stadium of lacking transparency.

Ssewanyama says he will want the sports minister Charles Bakabulindi to explain why he selecting management for Nakivubo stadium who are soiled by scandals every other year.

“How come the bad managers at the stadium are being kept every other year,” he asked.

Ssewanyana says poor management for stadiums and other sports facilities was at the heart of the poor showing for Uganda’s sports.