By Kiyimba Bruno

Soroti woman Member of Parliament Angelline Osegge has advised Civil societies not to over rely or trust government as far as the mobile money issues as concerned.

Speaking this,Osegge was giving her views on why they launched the campaign against 1% charge on mobile money that took place at hotel Africana Kampala.

“I urge you CSBAG not to trust this government. It is unreliable.” Noted Osegge.

Osegge advised civil societies and the general public to stand as one as they fight this the ‘unrealistic’ move by government.

At the same function, Civil societies Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) launched a book where they expect to get signatures for 250 members of Parliament in the act of opposing the bill.

On the same day,CSBAG managed to have signatures for 12 members of Parliament who were present.

Julius Mukunda the Executive Director for CSBAG said that they are planning to move upcountry in all corners of Uganda to sharpen their understanding on the verge.