By Watchdog reporter

Arua Municipality MP also age limit bill front liner Ibrahim Abiriga is in the middle of spotlight after learning that anytime from he is likely to lose his legislative post due to ‘forged’ academic qualifications.

According to Redpepper tabloid, a public-spirited Ugandan in the names of Sam Ola has already dragged Abiriga to Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court over forging his academic papers.

A Makerere law school graduate, Ola is currently into commercial livestock farming and in battling Abiriga; he is working with a powerful NRM local mobilizer in Arua who knows Abiriga pretty well having grown up with him.

In his complaint on oath (equaling affidavit in civil matters), Ola says in March 2012, Abiriga (who lacks direct S6 qualifications and relies on equivalents) forged and uttered academic documents purporting to possess a certificate in public administration from UCU Arua Campus contrary to sections 347 & 351 of the Penal Code Act.

Ola adds that in March 1975, Abiriga forged and later on uttered false academic documents purporting to hold a diploma in public administration from UMI which is contrary to the same provisions of the PCA. That he uttered the said false documents to Badru Kiggundu’s EC and improperly got nominated to stand for MP seat in 2016.

Ola verified by writing to UMI and UCU whose academic registrars wrote back denying Abiriga’s academic documents. The UMI 19/1/2016 letter was signed by Institute Registrar Mary Basasa Muhenda showing “we have checked our records and failed to locate the particulars of a one Ibrahim Abiriga.”

However last week, Court dismissed the case politically citing lack of jurisdiction to try the ‘powerful’ Abiriga.

This prompted Ola to file a criminal appeal in the High Court Kampala where he is yet to get a hearing date.