By Najibu Mulema

Mukono-Katosi road saga could take down with it some more names.
City lawyer and newspaper columnist Karoli Semwogerere was yesterday grilled by the parliamentary committee on statutory and state enterprises (COSASE) on the issues concerning the shs58m he was paid by UNRA to make research on whether the alleged American based Eutaw construction company existed or not.
The company in question was contracted by UNRA in 2013 to construct the Mukono-Katosi road. Karoli was tasked by COSASE chaired by Abdu Katuntu to explain how he used the shs58m and why he accepted the money in the first place well knowing his contract was contrary to the law whereby no research should be done on a company when it has already signed the contract.
In his defence, Mr Semwogerere said that even after Eutaw Construction Company had been contracted, UNRA found out that it has some loopholes which needed to be checked.
When Katuntu asked Semwogerere to produce his passport to work as evidence that he went to USA, the lawyer could not do so.
He was directed to come back to the committee on Thursday with his passport to show that he used the money to go to USA to fulfill the required task.