Joseph Addison was an English essayist, poet, playwright, and politician who died 200 Years Back, he once said “An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing”.
The Bunjako Movie Premiere that took place on Friday (17th-June-2016) at the prestigious Theatre La Bonita was more than anticipation.

By anticipation we sugar misery and enjoy happiness before they are in being. We can set the sun and stars forward, or lose sight of them by wandering into those retired parts of eternity when the heavens and earth shall be no more.

The idea of waiting for something makes it even more exciting keeping factors of disappointments as constant as a change of days.
This kind of feeling collects the soul,  body, mind and puts them in the bucket of anxiety. That was exactly how i felt a few minutes to the event.

At around 7pm, the show started with an amazing Red Carpet Experience and interviews from Different Media Houses, as Big Names in the industry gradually Stepped in. The excitement and Anxiety took over me and i was sure as eggs are eggs that everyone was in my same shoes.
Rubbing Shoulders, Big smiles and talks got the moment warm for the cold evening. Amidst a good Red Carpet Experience,  the Venue Failed to create enough space for the mammoth fans who graced the event expecially out of the theatre around the entrance but at the End of the day, Moments where colorful. The Show was graced by award winners, musician, actors and actresses, Radio and Tv Personalities that among them included Veteran Movie Maker Owek Mariam Ndagire.
Thank God for the beautiful Ushers that kept our eyes busy during the time we were not watching anything, smart, good looking awesome could help me describe them. A tick for those Ushers damn. Sorry am Fasting!!!!!!!!


Fashion was killed, though at some point fashion killed some people but won’t go in those details maybe in my other upcoming articles about the Event. Inside the auditorium, raising my eyebrows in my VIP seat number 26, the ordinary section looked very well packed from the aerial view as well as a fairly good Vip attendence. The hearts were set, the eagerness was on a rise and the anticipation leveled. The Show Started a few minutes to 9pm. With amazing performances that included my highlight of the night, a choreography Art Piece from a duo (Valentino and the other name i don’t recall) seriously got the revellers in the right moods, the peiece was too nice and Magical.


I must say the crowd was extremely ready for some service delivery. And Hell yeah, the big screen dropped down, lights off and action was served.
About the Movie Details, you will really have to wait for my next article about the Movie Review. Otherwise for starters,  with no doubt,  Bunjako carried a good Story line with it, had some quality scenes as well as those scenes that didnt live up to my expectations but thats surely for another day soon.
In the Middle of the Screening at around 9:45pm, the Movie was paused amidst chants from the crowd that at some point had gotten into the heart of the horror movie. A well wrapped Piece of the “Bunjako” poster was brought on stage  for auctioning and was bought by Joan Lule of the “Taasa Amakaago” fame.


And later the second half of the screening came on and it was arguable the best since it was glueing non stop action. The Show Ended at 10:39 with introductions from the casts and crew and certificates of appreciation from the Producer “Teez”.
The Event was awesome thought not perfect, it really felt nice seeing all movie makers supporting.The turn up was Awesome. Many things went wrong at particular times but they couldn’t over weigh the good things that happened. More pictures of the event are loading.   A great Night and a step taken in the Ugandan Movie Industry. Next Time it might be the best. Otherwise can’t stop thinking about some great moments of a movie night that had given me sleepless nights like i directed or owned it.

Be sure to check out my article of the “Bunjako Movie Review”


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