By Najibu Mulema

Motor rally ace, Ponsiano Lwakataka has dragged the government to the high court for malicious imprisonment and prosecution after he was charged with the murder of nine people.

Lwakataka was released from jail in December 2015 by Masaka high court judge John Kaitirima after finding out that he was innocently accused of murder including of Pastor Stephen Mugambe, Bena Nakivumbi, Jane Nakiwala, Max Nakirijja, Maria Namatovu, Christine Namuleme, Dan Kazibwe, Nowerina Nalinya and Andrew Ampiire who was the production officer of BAT Jinja at Kyeba village in Rakai District in January 13, 2013.

He says his arrest and prosecution tainted his reputation as a rally driver and businessman. Now Lwakataka demands a compensation of shs40 billion from government for the damages caused.

He further says he lost sponsorship contract from Gaaga bus, Moil petrol station worth Shs70 billion.