One of the longest serving journalists at Daily Monitor Alex Atuhaire has fallen on Charles Bichachi’s vengeful sword.
The acting executive editor showed Mr Atuhaire, the exit door on Friday. Some sources at Namuwongo say accusations levied against Atuhaire could as well be levied to many more employees of the paper who sit in the newsroom without working.

But like President Museveni, the newsroom leader Bichachi pulls out the cane when it suits him and when he has a score to settle.

Atuhaire has been the paper’s investigations editor. Sources at the Namuwongo based newspaper say Bichachi thought Atuhaire had grown wings. First he was dragged to the disciplinary committee for featuring on various televisions programs. The move which is common practice for leading journalists to appear on talkshows, was misinterpreted to look as Atuhaire was seeking cheap popularity and was required to seek permission in future appearances.

Atuhaire would later be overlooked for the title bonanza when five managing editors positions were created at the newspaper whose circulation averages 15,000 copies at present, the lowest since Monitor was acquired by Nation Media Group.

After Atuhaire was overlooked for promotion, he responded by defying the new order, going slow on his work.
That’s when Bichachi saw the opportunity to get rid of him.

Watchdog understands it was at this moment. Atuhaire acquired a Toyota Prado which further enraged his boss who developed what Kato Lubwama calls akasajja kumutima over Atuhaire’s new status symbol.

Behind Atuhaire’s back, Bichachi lined up a series of accusations including incompetence, badmouthing (that he’s a tribalist who promotes relatives and friends), and unethical conduct.

A note circulating on social media attributed to Atuhaire says;
‘Good afternoon Sister; it was nice working with you on Monitor projects; Bichachi recommended me out and I will be leaving immediately – we remain in touch as friends. Will alert you of my new work address – rgds Alex’.
Watchdog is putting together a detailed tale of schemes that led to Atuhaire’s exit.