By Ronald Mayanja

Monitor what you buy until it’s used up to avoid surging home costs, as a Luganda saying (sekawuka kalika kulumye) meaning that if you have ever encountered a problem you become very keen about its signs whenever it’s trying to cross your path again.

One of my friends called Edward is employed, married, lives in his own house near the edges of Kampala city and he is blessed with 5 children and also stays with a number of siblings at his home.

As you may all know, it’s holiday time.

About two years ago, he used to frown his face while discussing home expenses especially during holiday. However, since then, it’s no more. I asked him the reasons behind it and he shared interesting answers.

Edward narrated to me how he used to buy two sacks of charcoal every week and never used to bother where it all goes until one day he became fade up refused to buy the second bag, went home empty-handed.

On reaching home he was reminded by his wife after reaching home. This cautioned him to try and analyse how in a week were using two bags of charcoal, that forced Edward to request his wife account for the charcoal they use but it was all in vain.

charcoal (above)

Edward’s wife however promised to follow it up closely the following week. Knowing that his wife is self-employed running their family business, which means she delegates most of her domestic chores to her maid.

Edward and his wife started a charcoal monitoring campaign, involving their children and siblings but left out their maid.

Unmistakably, they found out that the maid used to sell the charcoal to their neighbours, and that was not any different to sugar, milk and some other foodstuffs.

“Our maid was very smart. She used to sell our foodstuffs during holiday when everybody is around.” Edward said.

Therefore my dear friend, costs for almost everything are skyrocketing, I advise you to closely monitor each and every item you buy to avoid increase in expenditure this holiday you can even scrutinise those