By Watchdog reporter

Rumours reaching our desk indicate that City tycoon Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga commonly known as SK Mbuga bewitched a one showy ‘musama’ Cameron Gitawo who vanished away with shs 77 million which he was supposed to pay in exchange for Mbuga’s white BMW.

It is alleged that when Gitawo disappeared with the car minus paying for it, real estate mogul looked for ways to payback ‘sangoma’ Gitawo and the best option was to bewitch him, and even right now as we talk, Gitawo is as broke as a church mouse.

He sold most of his assets including the fancy cars he had in South Africa.

According to Social media blogger, Ashburg Katto, Sk Mbuga used a renowned sheik in Masuulita who used magic charms to bewitch the now broke Gitawo.

Last year in December during the festive season, many people were asking the where about of Gitawo since he didn’t show up in public like he used to do previously.

Now you know the reason why….