By Herbert Bukenya

While addressing the Buganda lukiko after the reading of the Kingdom’s budget, Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga decried the heavy tax levied mobile money under the new budget that took effect on 1st July 2018.

Katikiro Mayiga while addressing members of the lukiko called the tax very uncalled for and not worth it in any way.

He gave an example of him sending about 100,000 shillings to his mother in the village for medication which ends up being taxed directly besides the fees he is charged that are also taxed and she is charged and taxed while withdrawing the money meaning she receives less than 100,000 shillings which he called unfair.

Mayiga added his voice to many who want this tax scrapped calling it a tax that is making life hard for the common man doing survival related transactions insisting the tax is not necessary in his conclusion.