By Kiyimba Bruno

Mobile money practitioners have pleaded to government on how they are affected by the new mobile money tax.

These on Sunday joined civil societies in the fight against the new tax,in a press briefing that took place at the SEATNI’s offices in Bukoto.

Kisingo Habib, a mobile money agent at Naguru and Bukoto said that his cells are going low due to the fact that he used to have customers ranging between 70 to 80 everyday yet currently, the customers have reduced by half the numbers.

“It’s the common man who suffers with this kind of tax and not the rich.” Said Kisingo.

He added that mobile money had created employment to the youth but now that the taxing system has changed, many are running away from it thus rendering them jobless.

On this note he advised the government to try taxing ventures like land which are owned by people who have money.

“If you buy land it means you have the money and that you badly need that actual place to do your work. So why doesn’t government tax you ?” inquired Kisingo

Willex Mukisa, a Person With Disability said that mobile money was something that was helping the PWDs in things like transacting business, paying for electricity, water and many more. But ever since the new mobile money tax was introduced, many PWDs are suffering the burden due to the fact that they have to move to various places in order for them to do such things, something that he termed as violating their human rights.

SEATINI is one of the few Civil Societies which came out to advise government on how best government should deal with the mobile money tax system.