By Najibu Mulema

Gift Subbi, a one year and half old who went missing from her parents was found murdered and remains dumped in a bush in Nsozibbiri, Katikamu sub county in Luwero.

Subbi who had been under the care of her grandfather, Samuel Mubiru was last seen on 9th October.

According to Mubiru, Subbi was last seen by the neighborhour somewhere crying, and when the Mubiru was informed he rushed to find her but to his dismay, Subbi was no where to be seen.

After a long search without any positive response, one of the residents who was clearing a bush around his home saw clothes stained with blood which forced him to call other residents.

To their shock, they found Subbi’s body parts cut and thrown around the bush.

Some residents alleged that Subbi was kidnapped and sacrificed for rituals by unknown people.

However, Raymond Jaggwe, head of police investigation unit in Luwero, said as police they have moved a step in investigating on the matter and three people have been arrested to help the police find the truth about who killed the young girl.