By our reporter

Ever since Justine Bagyenda was fired by Bank of Uganda as Director In charge of Supervision, things have not been easy for her.

Days after her sacking at the Central Bank, Bagyenda was showed exit from Microfinance Support Centre Limited where she was replaced by Dr. Kisamba Mugerwa as body chairperson.

As if that was not enough, a week back, details of Bagyenda’s fat bank accounts containing over shs20 billion were exposed to the general public and a number of Ugandans were left perplexed at how she managed to accumulate such kind of money within a period of only six years.

Besides, her fat bank accounts, Bagyenda allegedly owns a number of posh properties spread across the country which prompted Uganda Revenue Authority to pick interest in her wealth.

After realizing that Bagyenda is extremely wealthy but her tax remittance schedule is greatly lacking, URA operatives have reportedly launched an audit investigation into her operations so as to ascertain why she has been evading taxes worth shs7 billion, with intent to make her cough all the taxes she hasn’t remitted for the period under review.

Now, we have exclusively learnt that Bagyenda last weekend traveled to South Africa where she was required to handover as the chairperson of the African Banking Committee following her sacking.