By Watchdog reporter

Ambitious television NBS has signed up prominent politicians to join its political programming team.
NBS is launching a new political talkshow The Frontline to bring out incisive, mature and objective analysis of current affairs.

In what could be compared to Capital Gang, Miria Matembe, Norbert Mao, Ofwono Opondo will join seasoned journalist and talkshow host Charles Odongtho for what’s billed to be the most dramatic and analytical political talk shows on television in the country.
“This will be the best show in the land”, asserted Kin Kaliisa, CEO, NBS TV. The show starts on Thursday at 10pm.

The television’s chief marketing officer Pamela Adongo added, “We have been planning for this show since the beginning of this year”.
Matembe is the former Ethics minister who has cut her niche as a human rights defender, Mao is DP president general and an experienced legislator while Ofwono is the government’s spokesman.