By Waswa Tenywa

As the country prepares for the Local councils I and II elections and women councils, the Minister of state for Gender,Labour and Social Development Peace Regis Mutuuzo has called upon women in the country to use the opportunity and contest for the LC positions.

Speaking to the media about the forthcoming elections  at Uganda Media Centre in Kampala, the minister appealed to all women across the country to also participate in the elective posts.

Mutuuzo reminded the women that campaigns for election of Village Women Council leaders will be held from 29th June to 2nd July 2018 Thereafter, the elections will be held on 3rd July 2018.

According to the Electoral Commission, compilation will run between 22nd and 25th June 2018 and eligibility to participate in this registration and election will be limited to: Ugandans Women above 18 years of age, Residents of a particular village, and, Holders of National IDs or registration number.

The display of the Village Women’s register will be done between 26th and 27th June 2018.

Candidates will contest to fill the positions of the five (5) Members of the Village Women’s Committee which include;
the Chairperson Women Council, Vice Chairperson Women Council, General Secretary Women Council,
Secretary for Finance Women Council, and Secretary for Publicity Women Council.

Mutuuzo said Elections will be conducted through lining up behind the nominated candidates or representative or portrait or symbol of one’s choice.

She again noted that whoever is not a member of the committee at the village is not eligible to contest at the Parish, Sub County, district and national elections.

the Electoral Commission received a total number of 1,138 new villages. This means that residents in these new villages who had registered in the old villages and those who could have transferred residence are advised to register in their current place of residence.