By our reporter

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga is known to be a fighter. And the nation is looking forward to her reaction on her person by state lands minister Persis Namaganza.

Namuganza also a sharp tongued youthful politician went for the biggest brand in Busoga’s politics in Kadaga who she accuses of planning to kill her.

“She mobilizes people to kill me with stones,” Namuganza said.

The duo are fighting over who leads Busoga’s kingdom with William Gabula Nadiope IV getting his backing from Kadaga and Columbus Wambuzi being backed by Namuganza.

Kadaga reacted by installing a chief in Wambuzi’s backyard. Namuganza believes Kadaga undermined her by doing so. She attacked.

“This week, I saw the speaker of parliament in my constituency without my consent, presiding over the reinstatement of the new Bukono cultural leader. This is my constituency so I have a strong stake in Bukono leadership. Is she a cultural leader to come and preside over the reinstatement when we are not even yet done with the last funeral rites of the Bukono leader? If she wants to be a cultural leader, give her back clothes and let her start initiating cultural functions. But If I die today, I’m telling you no one will have killed me, Kadaga will have killed me,” Namuganzi said.

The lands minister added.“How can she come to my constituency in violation of the president’s directive to re-instate another Bukono cultural leader. She must understand that this is Bukono not Kamuli.”
Namuganza warned that if Kadaga doesn’t stop interfering with Bukono cultural leadership, she will mobilize cultural leaders to break off from greater Busoga kingdom.