By Kiyimba Bruno

The minister without portfolio Al Hajj Abdul Nadduli has urged members of the Parliament to keep a keen eye on who ever is mishandling elderly funds.

Speaking this,Nadduli was giving his remarks at Kiboga district headquarters during the opening of parliamentarian forum on social funds.

Nadduli said that those who steal such funds are doing a disservice to the nation.

“Dear Parliamentarians I urge you to be tough on who ever mishandle the elderly money whether NRM or opposition,” he said.

Nadduli added that he was going to deal  with anyone denying the elderly people their rightful chance of living a good life.

On the same function,Mutuuzo Peace Regis the minister of state for gender labour and social development commended the Uganda Parliamentary Forum for social protection for organizing the developmental visit to Kiboga.

Mutuzo highlighted that the programme is jointly financed by the government of Uganda and partners including the Irish aid.

She noted that out of the 47 districts covered by the programme ,government pays beneficiary grants in 37 districts while development partners cover beneficiary grants in 10 districts in addition to meeting the operation cost of the entire programme.

Mutuuzo revealed that the grant has helped the beneficiary households to cope up with diverse effects is shocks through providing a secure platform upon which individuals can build productive and sustainable livelihoods.

“There is evidence of significant improvement in the nutritional status,health and well being of recipients and their household members as well as keeping children in school,” she said

The members of Parliament visited various homesteads in Kiboga district where various elderly people testified on how the grant has helped them.