By Namugerwa Martha

Minister for trade, industry and cooperatives Amelia Kyambadde has promised women who are vending products on streets financial help to boast their businesses.

Kyambadde said this during the preparations of celebrating mother’s day on Saturday 13th may with help from Girls Forum International an organization that helps women and girls to through education and innovation.

Kyambadde who carried fruits and vended them yesterday in Kampala from Watoto church to her offices said that she understands the difficult women go through will doing such businesses.

“We are going to help these women through cooperatives which will help them save and also borrow money for capital at low rates of paying back,” Kyambadde said.

She added that many of those women are carrying a lot of responsibilities like paying their children’s school fees, paying rent and even feeding their families from vending products or fruits.

Esther Namboka the founder of Girls Forum International said that they are pleased to help out women in building their businesses.

“Our aim is to lift women be it business, relationships, marriages and many other things that can lift women to stand productive in their societies and the country at large.