By Watchdog reporter

The state Tourism minister Kiwanda Godfrey together with the Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Mr James Musinguzi have bagged a funder to partner with to conserve wildlife.

The partnership was announced on Friday after Kiwanda, Musinguzi and officials from Wild Aid toured around Uwec, starting with the vet (The national hospital for wild animals) where all rescued animals are kept under quarantine.

The officials spent time with a baby elephant that was recently rescued from Hamukungu.

Wild Aid were impressed with conservation work done by Uwec and promised to come in and offer assistance in regards to the baby elephant for it to grow well.

Kiwanda said the ministry of tourism, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uwec, and Wild Aid will be moving through different national parks sometime this year, sensitizing the local communities surrounding these parks about wildlife conservation.

Wild Aid will also support a special feeding program for the rescued animals undergoing rehabilitation at Uwec.

WildAid’s mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes.

“We envision a world where people no longer buy wildlife products such as shark fin, elephant ivory and rhino horn,” said an official from WildAid.

While most wildlife conservation groups focus on protecting animals from poaching, WildAid works to reduce global consumption of wildlife products by persuading consumers and strengthening enforcement.

With an unrivaled portfolio of celebrity ambassadors and global network of media partners, WildAid leverages nearly $200 million in annual pro-bono media support making their message reaches up to 1 billion people every week.

The ministry together with Wild Aid plan on using celebrities like Salvador, Anne Kansiime , various religious and local leaders to help promote conservation through taking them along to these parks during the conservation sessions.