By Moses Kizito Buule

State Minister for Water, Ronald Kibuule has urged land owners to cooperate with road contractors making roads that pass through their area, to avoid making narrow roads which are below standards in their fast growing area.

Mr Kibuule who is the member of parliament for Mukono North was on Sunday addressing residents of Buligobe village, Namawojjolo parish in Nama sub-county, at a thanksgiving party organized by the LC I chairman-elect Christopher Sendawula.

Chairman-elect Sendawula, flanked by his wife, addressing celebrants at his home on Sunday. Photo by Mike Musisi

The Minister appealed to the residents to sacrifice a few metres that will be encroached upon by the district roads passing through their area, adding, “Development comes at a cost and this contribution will bring your names in the history books for your roles in bringing development”. Local governments have a number of roads they must keep paved unfortunately they have constrained budgets to compensate land owners where the roads pass through, which frustrates opening new roads or maintaining existing ones.

He noted that making narrow roads limits development of the area, and at the same time leaves room for encroachers who set up illegal establishments in road reserves.

Explaining the magnitude of the problem, Kibuule said, “Recently we witnessed tears, name calling and curses when businesses set up in road reserves in Mukono town were being demolished, and it is in interest to avoid such re-occurrences”.

The minister told residents that he had secured pipes for conveyance of big water volumes, and that plans were underway to extend piped water through Nama sub county. He says there will be public standpipes to ease on the clean water access problem.

Kibuule speaking to the celebrants. Photo by Mike Musisi

On electricity, the minister disclosed that contractors have reached Bwefulumya villlage and were moving to Buligobe, Namawojjolo and neighbouring villages. Mr Kibuule also added that he is planning to resume his project of distributing goats, chicken and piglets in the poverty reduction drive. He also disclosed plans to elevate Namawojjolo to a town council, adding that this development will attract more investors and other facilities like a dispensary. He pledged to support local sports teams such as Namawojjolo football club with sports attires.

Earlier, the chairman elect Christopher Sendawula noted that the minister was a blessing to the area telling by the number of investors he has attracted to the area, the associated job opportunities created and other forms of development.

He thanked him for answering residents’ outcry for clean water, saying it will save them the risk of waterborne disease and the burden of sharing dirty water with animals.