By Najibu Mulema

The state minister for agriculture, Christopher kibazanga has said they are dealing with a climax of Kasese conflict that they have been struggling to avoid for the last three years.

Kibazanga who is a brother to jailed Rwenzururu king Charles Wesley Mumbere asserts that following his brother’s re- arrest after being granted bail by Jinja High court judge,Eva Luswata, they have ressolved to apply for another bail so that Mumbere is released again.

“Mumbere’s lawyers will again apply for a bail and we will go through the same process,” Kibazanga said.

However, this time round, they want to make sure that the king regains his freedom, save the kingdom and his reign is secured.

On Friday Mumbere was granted bail but just a few hours, he was re- arrested and whisked away to Nalufenya prison in Jinja.

The king was arrested last year on 27 November, 2016 when a joing government security force raided the kingdom palace. In the due process, over 100 people lost their lives including police officers.

Mumbere is being charged along with 152 of his subjects with 41 counts which include; aggravated robbery, murder, treason, terrorism among others.