By our reporter

Finance Minister Matia Kasaija has on Tuesday lashed out at government owned News paper New Vision following their Monday article which claimed that government plans to borrow shs700 billion to foot public servants salaries.

He said government is going to borrow shs48 billion to meet the shortfall of salaries which is only 1.3 percent of the total GoU wage bill not shs700 billion as New Vision alleges.

While addressing the press at Uganda Media Centre, Kasaija warned New Vision to stop publishing stories that are not true for the good of Uganda.

He advised the Newspaper to always call him before publishing something which they are not sure of.

“I’m advising my good friends of New Vision that for the good of your country, do not publish stories that are not true. My telephone number is known by everyone, call me. If I can’t respond then wait, because I’m also a busy man but I’ll respond. Let me repeat, for the good of your country, please don’t publish false stories,” he lamented.

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