By Watchdog reporter

The Minister for Kampala Beti Kamya is not happy with counterpart Jennifer Musisi, the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) whom she accuses of going political after conducting government business in the media.

Kamya’s statement  comes just days after Musisi, wrote a letter to Parliament, the President and Kampala division mayors, saying she had not been informed about  the amendments to the KCCA act that seek to clip powers of the Lord Mayor and other elected leaders.

“It is unusual for a civil servant to conduct business through media and as KCCA we conduct our meetings in a formal way but I wonder why the Executive Director has resolved to conduct government business in the media, I really don’t understand,”

“For the issue of amending KCCA law, we would have solved it through formal meetings but it was leaked into the public and now the public is discussing about it, the same applies to the Nakivubo Parkyard issue,”

Recently, The Kampala Capital City Authority Bill, 2015 was tabled by Kamya’s junior minister of State for Kampala City Authority Beni Namugwanya, which intends to provide for the Lord Mayor to be elected from the Councilors and to clarify on the roles of the Lord Mayor and deputy Lord Mayor.

The bill under clause 5(4) provides for the Lord Mayor to be elected from within the composition of the council.
If adopted by Parliament, the Lord Mayor who Chairs Council sessions will be elected from within the Composition of the council, breaking the Status quo where the Mayor has been directly elected by city dwellers.

The scathing attack by Kamya against Musisi is the latest incident in an ongoing fight for the control of political and executive power in Kampala.

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