By Kiyimba Bruno

About 10,000 men and women stand a chance of working in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup.

This, after Middle East Consultants Company limited, a firm that exports labour scooped a deal to take Ugandans who want jobs during the continental football extravaganza.

According to the firm’s General Manager, Mr Benon Rukunywaana this here is a golden opportunity for those who want to watch the next World Cup as they earn.

The contract shall necessitate men who shall travel as security guards.

“All you need to do is to come to Middle East Consultancy offices in Muyenga. You need to be wary of fraudsters who use our name to fleece Ugandans,” he said.

The company has worked together with the government of Uganda and in this process, 20 fraudsters have need jailed.