By Kiyimba Bruno

Muyenga based external labour company Middle East Consultants Limited has today flagged off over 60 Ugandans to go and look for greener pastures.

While flagging them from Muyenga,one of the company directors Mr. Keitongo Fred advised those who have gone to behave and work hard in order to appease those who have sponsored them.

Keitongo added that many people go abroad but on arrival they start diverting their minds from the main reasons that took them.

“Many leave here with positive minds but after getting some little money they start boasting instead of working hard to love a better future”. Noted Keitongo.

He also advised the youths to join middle east to enable them change their lifestyle.

44 men were taken to Abu Dhabi to work as drivers and 17 ladies to work as maids in Jordan.

Tomorrow 35 shall depart from Entebbe airport to go also and work in various fields.

To date,Middle East has exported over 16000 people ever since the company started.