By Kiyimba Bruno

Middle East consultants limited has come out to deny reports that the agency took the late Albert Wilson Besigye who died in Abu Dhabi recently.
The managing director of the recruitment agency for Arabia bound labourers, Middle East consultants said in in Muyenga on Wednesday that the information he has gathered about the late Albert Besigye is that he went to Abu Dhabi as a visitor and in trying to pave his way of earning a job, he got sick.
According to the video uploaded by Middle East Facebook page, a Richard Mubangizi knew the late Besigye Albert who upon arrival in Abu Dhabi did not have where to sleep.


However he had to improvise by renting a bed space with a colleague to reduce the costs.
“Albert was disturbed by the fact that after getting a job, he became sick yet he had not got a working permit,” said Mubangizi.
His condition worsened and was taken to Sheik Khalifa hospital, which is a government hospital and he was put on oxygen for two weeks, yet none of his relatives in Uganda responded to pleas to offer help.
“He came on visitors visa and he was renting a bed space with his friends so he was not under any company and again it will be difficult for his parent to take his body to Uganda since getting documents will be again a big problem due to the fact that he was not on employment visa,” said Mubangizi.
Currently Albert’s body lies in the mortuary of Sheik Khalifa hospital in Abu Dhabi where he died from.