The world has become so complex and complicated that sometimes we get lost in our individual troubles that we care less about what happens to our neighbor, friend, workmate, relative or acquaintance. With tough economic times, ever rising costs of living, ever stagnant salaries to contend with, it is very easy to imagine that one’s only worries should be about himself. In other words, adopt the maximum: Each for each, God for us all!

However, what we should not forget is that all these problems present the more reason why you will never progress on your own. They tell us that you will at some point in your life need an extra hand to help you deal with a problem or two. Sicknesses, Funerals, Graduation Parties, Birthday Parties, School fees, Family welfare, upkeep costs, investment projects etc will always require you to source for extra finances from various sources, the cheapest of which is usually friends and family.

The biggest mistake many of us make is to forget our friends during our times of plenty, and then think we can run to them for help when we are in in need. They say a friend in need is a friend indeed. But I also hasten to add that a friend indeed is a friend in need.

Keep in touch with your friends when you are not in need. Call them. SMS them. Chat them up. Share with them and find out if they are doing ok. Listen to their troubles. Sometimes all they need is a listening ear not your cash.

I am challenging you to list down the top ten friends and relatives and mark against each name the last time you talked with them. For those you haven’t talked to in a while, pick up the phone, call and tell them you were just checking on them! You will be amazed how much difference you would have made in their lives.

Go on, and celebrate friendship!