Many of us are having a lot of trouble with our resources mainly because of our poor expenditure priorities. This is why you see people with seemingly good jobs and businesses struggling with the basics of life, which you would ordinarily expect them to have aplenty.

The reason in my view is that we most often focus on growing our income, with little attention on controlling our expenses. Many of us have become slaves of our money, with little control over the resources at our disposal.

Many of the rich people in the world will tell you that whereas they concentrate a lot of energy in bringing in as much money as possible, they put in double that energy to ensure that whatever money that comes in doesn’t leave unless with reasonable justifications. You’ve got to deal with impulse purchasing, spending to please people around you, and all sorts of non-value adding expenditures.

Accumulation of wealth is directly dependent on your excellence in maximizing in flows while at the same time minimizing the out flows.

Change your focus!