By our reporter

Mengo has extended its efforts to enroll more people to get leases for occupants on Buganda kingdom land.

The campaign dubbed kyapa mu ngalo received some resistance in the beginning owing to low sensitization about the objectives of the campaign.

While appearing on the talk show Ettaka ye Nyaffe hosted by Maurice Mukiibi on BBS TV, officials from Buganda Land Board who facilitate the leasing process, said the campaign was extended because occupants on Kabaka land were asking for more time.

BLB spokesman Denis Bugaya said a lot of time was wasted by critics in the previous promotion which makes leasing land from Buganda cheaper by almost 70%. His counterpart Bugaya added this round of promotion was the last and they’ll be returning to normal processes.

With three more months, the campaign will go through to the new year on January 31, 2018.