By Faridah Nakazibwe

When a man listen to what the wife says, you will hear others say “He is under witchcraft “!! When a man is not progressing the blame will be on his wife.

LISTEN 👂 – A wise man puts his wife in her place. She is a partner & advisor. The fool between the 2 men is one that REFUSES to listen to the advice of the wife.

Men should love, respect & understand that the advice from their wives is mostly out of love & they mean well when they advise their men to bring the best out of him.

Always respect your wife’s advices and choices.

Never laugh at your woman’s choices because your one of them.

Being head doesn’t mean your word is law or that you treat your wife as a slave. In fact, because you are the head you should serve more, give more & humble yourself to make sure your wife & child/children are doing well .

Do things with your wife – Don’t hide things from your wife. Engage her in making family decisions; you are stronger when you move as a team.