By Faridah Nakazibwe

When you realize that the pipe in the house is broken, you fix it. You don’t leave that house for another. When your see the bulb finished, you replace it, when you see the outside is dirty, you work on cleaning it or find someone to help. The same thing works with marriage.

– If you feel disrespected
– You feel like she does not give you attention
– You feel like the food she does is not nice
– You feel like she is not clean enough
– You feel like the sex is not good enough
– You feel she does not dress how you like

Learn to talk about things affecting you, work on them and stay with your wife and children.

There is everything wrong with you making the Bar your home or spending time with friends late when you need to be with your wife.

More than anything, there is no justifications in you starting to cheat and behave like the solution to your marital problems lie in between the legs of another women.

Twebereremu – Maturity and commitment demands that you as a man should seat your wife down to address the issues you have and move on with your marriage. Couples communicate and resolve problems. They don’t go out cheating.