By Faridah Nakazibwe

What I have always known is that – Love and respect should go hand in hand. He is supposed to love you and you are suppose to respect him. However, too many ladies aren’t finding love because they haven’t found respect which I feel they have to earn from men.

The truth is – Many things go into gaining respect from a man. Men respect the women they love. Most men do not love women they can not respect. If a man considers you worthy of high or special regard,then he will love you and be serious about you.

Ladies – Respect Yourselves – The best way to earn respect from anyone is to respect yourself,there are no 2 ways about it.Respect yourself and others will respect you. Only by self respect will you compel others to respect you.

Here is a little secret – Men respect women who love and respect themselves. Holding yourself and your life in high regard is a great way to demonstrate respect for yourself.

Be a class apart as a lady – Set high standards for yourself and do not make choices that are disrespectful to the life you want and who you want to be. Earn the respect of the man that loves you and you will keep him.

Girls take care of yourselves. Some men will use you. Use your body damage your reputation then finally marry a beautiful wife. And become a born again and as if that’s not enough he’ll use you as a testimony in church respect yourself.