By Faridah Nakazibwe

Nature and Brand are a serious turn off on men !! Why would a man desire to have a woman that has refused to accept & appreciate herself?

It does not work that – If a man wants a white woman or a coloured woman – They go for the original coloured & white women & not these makeshift coloureds we are seeing around.

This just shows how much we/ women have no self esteem. We have refused to appreciate & accept ourselves & now challenge God by recreating our selves.

On the other hand, ladies want their men to make them feel special.

Most of men do not fully understanding that ladies are very unique. On a big picture level, we’re generally the same. And this is what creates the confusion.

In other words, we’re the same in the sense that..

– We all want to feel beautiful and desired.
– We all want to feel special/unique.
– We all want a special man that understands us.
– We all want to be loved, appreciated and admired.

There is nothing that makes a lady as excited as having a man that makes her feel special & loved. It is in what you say,how you treat her & what you do that this comes from.

NOTE – Women are drawn to men that are willing to go out of their way to make them feel special. If as a man you do not make the effort,your days could be numbered with her .