By Mike Ssegawa

Mike, I want to talk to you about haters. That’s what they call critics and enemies in today speak.

Today, it is very easy to shut out haters. You just block them from your social media walls, and you never hear from them again. In this age, we adore fans and followers who sing our praises, and lock out out those that point out things we ought to change about ourselves.

So many people will tell you, “Mike, ignore your critics and criticism, as they come loaded with negative energy. Haters are good for nothing.” Who wants to be criticized any where!

But I say unto you, listen to your haters. And you will thank me later.

Those haters are probably more knowledgeable about the things you need to change about you than your friends and fans. I should however say to you, you can ignore your fans but don’t ignore your enemies.

Oh yes, friends are people who already love you for who you’re. That you are you already is nothing but a bird in hand. However when you want to be a better you, only your haters will challenge you enough.

I should however add. Criticism is a process to grow into a better person. It’s feedback on how to go ahead of the others. It’s a mirror to show you what is gone wrong with you. Love and respect it.

The problem is for you to think that you are perfect. Oh boy you’re not. It is a mistake to think everyone will point out your weakness with kids’ gloves. I say to you little fellow, pay more attention to substance than the forms advice comes wrapped. For everything said or done, there’s a meaning. And if it means there’s an area you need to grow, find a way to fix it than sulk.

Finally, never shut your ears from critics. It’s your attitude to them that will build or destroy you. Pick out the positives.