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Ms Winnie Byanyima’s Oxfam has hit turbulence, after a sex scandal hit her British Charity, Oxfam.
Reports are showing that Oxfam is going to fight to keep millions of dollars flowing in after allegations that the charity’s staff hired prostitutes in Haiti and other countries such as Chad.
Oxfam’s bosses are blamed for covering up the sex crimes by its senior employees, who were working in Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake which left hundreds of Haitians dead.

One of the top Oxfam’s bosses has been accused of turning his mega mansion into a brothel where prostitutes served sex wearing the charity’s website. Roland van Hauwermeiren has been accused by the respected The Times newspaper in London after an investigation they published recently.

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This scandal will prove Byanyima’s mantle if she can sail through a stormy sea when she is on the receiving end of the crisis.

Already the Ugandan has impressed her leadership by siding with the victims of sex exploitation, and has promised that the organisation will not leave any stone unturned.

“My heart is broken. I am appalled. Angry. Our absolute priority is to stand with the women who were abused and to root out sexual harassment, exploitation & abuse . We will be honest, transparent & accountable in addressing this,” Byanyima said in a tweet.