By John Kazooba

What you wake up to, influences how to you spend your day.
That’s why tuning in BBS television in the morning and hearing power talks from the Zukuuka morning crew, lightens up my morning, before I set off to work.
I am just impressed that the Buganda Kingdom television is making huge strides, day and night, in such a short time.
Some people attribute the impact the television was making on its privileged position as Mengo based media, hence with ready audience.
But well, that could be not true.
For not everything Mengo is successful. And this is not to say BBS has already arrived – well, no, but it is a work in progress. Yet, well established brands such as NTV, NBS and Bukedde are looking behind their back and seeing a competitor with steady progress.
There are several projects including a telecom provider, that are yet to be embraced.
Therefore, BBS TV is not taking its position for granted.
And that is why I was impressed when I came across some of the presenters that are new faces on the television scene but already making impact.
Maurice Mukiibi and Sanyu Harriet Nantumbwe, both presenters on the breakfast show Zukuuka, were at the cocktail organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Uganda Tourism Board.
Mukiibi and Harriet have in a short time made a mark morning hours television with their strong presence and the power of visitors and debate on the show. Talking to the two, you feel the people that are energetic and with an attitude that inspires their viewers every morning to go out there and make a difference in their lives.
There were more than five BBS presenters at the cocktail, including the host of the Saturday showbiz show, networking with the tourism fraternity.
Princes and princesses of television know the power of networking. And this is why I think BBS is set in the right direction.
Tourism is the window to what visitors know about the country, and a strong presence on an evening with tourism players, was a hallmark of what a television with cultural attachments should be doing.
In the next post, I will tell you about what Maurice, Harriet and I, talked about – beyond tourism and television.
BBS managers must be a clever lot. First, the television was branded differently with catchy slogan. The slogan is nothing but a reflection of the values enshrined the rising media powerhouse. What comes to mind when one says, “Terefayina yaffe”. That is the personification of the television to reflect a group of people it stands and speaks for.
It may also be that BBS is riding on the success of CBS. CBS is “radio yaffe”, you might say. The Baganda people.