By Watchdog reporter

It takes a real hero to openly reveal the whole nation that he or she is HIV positive.

Recently as I was passing through my Facebook posts, I landed on a recorded video showing a young woman taking her ARVs while at a friend’s party and on top of that as she was swallowing the tabs, she advised her fellow HIV/AIDs infected people to always take their medication in time citing that they will live more than they could imagine. She said a lot of amazing stuff which I cannot all elaborate here.

Due to her inspirational talk, I was touched to check out more about this heroic lady whose name I got to know as Sarah Aporo.

Aporo is a Makerere University Business School (MUBS) graduate who holds a Bachelors degree of science in Finance.

She decided to open up about her HIV status on April 30,2017 after realizing that she was infected by her now former ex-boyfriend whom she prefers to keep anonymous.

According to the brave young woman, she tested HIV positive on 2 January, 2017 and her way of thinking about life completely changed after keeping in mind that no matter what happens she had to keep a positive mind.

She says she decided to go public because of the following three reasons;

It seems People have got too used to the virus that they do not mind testing with their spouse before engaging in a sexual intercourse because of the the word “TRUST”, I personally was a victim of trust since I couldn’t imagine my boy-friend sorry now “EX” would cheat on me but worse of all infect me with this VIRUS. Please test now before anything.

It’s high time we rise up above stigma and stop spreading this VIRUS, “I made a vow not to infect anyone and believe me am glad I have infected no one”, changing the face of HIV starts with us.
In life there comes a time when you just need someone of your same status to talk to and am glad am willing to offer this to someone who is suffering silently and let’s sit on a round table and see how best we can conquer this virus.

On a good note, Aporo forgave her ex-boyfriend but advised him to disclose his status to a girl who will fall for him in his next relationship.

“The good news is that, I made up my mind, heart and soul to FORGIVE my ex-boyfriend. I know he is my friend on face book and he’s probably reading this. But please in your next relationship kindly do this for me and disclose your STATUS to that pretty lady you will meet. For those who know him please deliver my message to him. Stay Blessed and never forget to take your ARVS because since I started taking mine on 17th Jan 2017, I have never missed even a single day because I know it’s importance to me. God bless you,” She posted on her social media.

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