By Watchdog reporter

A story of a Kenyan young woman who over night left her paw paw street vending to millionaire is making rounds on the internet.

Mwaniki Esther Mukami is the teller of her own social on her Facebook page, where she posts about her faith journey.

Hers is a story of ‘No situation is permanent’ and another testimony of rising from grass to grace.

Esther says her overnight rise from selling pawpaw to earning six digit figure salary is a miracle that only God could do for her.


Esther posted on Facebook her photos before and after. It is a total transformation within a month. She posts hawking pawpaws one day, and the next day, she is on a plane, the other being chauffeured. She boosts she has her own driver now.

“This photo was taken on Monday this week. Yes its me. Trying to sell paw paw to the passing vehicles na baby Tecla kwa mgongo. The hustle is real Jameni,” she writes in one Facebook post.

In another she writes, “All in all God l will live to Praise you Forever. In 1 second you have changed my life. You have called me blessed,”

And then she adds, “And at this moment l will live to give thanks to you oh God. Thank you Jesus! You have wiped all my tears,” she says in one post.

Checking her Facebook profile, Esther works with Emirates National Group (UAE) which is a transportation solution company located in Abu Dhabi and has business operations across United Arab Emirates.