By Bunnet Ayorekire

Born and raised from a rural peasantry background, Daphine Amutuheire, is an enthusiastic fellow who has subsequently founded and co-founded different initiatives at a tender stage. She’s co- founded a non-profit oriented social enterprise, whose intention is to improve the quality of living in rural communities across Africa, through implementing and innovating sustainable, economic and environmental practices, by the name Rural Environmental Sustainability Initiative (RESI).

As a passionate farmer, her and the colleagues tactfully thought outside the proverbial box by initiating RESI, which is meant to deal with climatic challenges like environmental degradation, many rural based communities often grapple with.

More so, Daphine is renowned to be Director and Business Development Manager at BBT Contractors Limited who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Uganda Christian University. Formerly, she worked with Building Tomorrow, also a non-profit oriented international organization, whose aim of conduct is to profusely immerse into rural communities to vastly understand how they operate, live, and work.

As any patriotic youth, she has attended trainings and participated in many conferences in the great lakes region including Switch African Green organized by SAG-SEED, a training of young politicians in Africa by Christian Democratic International Centre Sweden and traversed to many countries in the quest of acquiring knowledge and skills to develop her nation, Uganda. Her close friends describe her a spirited lady who exhibits good leadership skills, and for many years, she has won hearts of many different people courtesy of her kind and courageous words.

Daphine, as a feminist has been impelled into leadership quite a number of times, due to her passion for gender and equality. For instance; she is the youth Councilor in her home district. While at Uganda Christian University, she was the most Inspiring guild official and Minister at Guild Council and she co-founded many University Associations.

Daphine has experience in educational matters, public relations, team building, good management and administration. Only to clarify on how she is right on the path to leave a tangible legacy towards helping rural communities develop solutions to their own challenges.

This article first appeared in Inspire Magazine